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UK Fires Joker Phillips; Who will be the Next Kentucky Football Coach?

After a dismal season, a season so dismal we took the Fall off, UK has finally fired embattled Head Football Coach Joker Phillips. Now with his tenure at UK over, at least after this season, we can move on and speculate who will roam the sidelines as the head coach for the Football Cats next season.

It seems that our old nemesis Pat Forde of Yahoo Sports may have the inside track on the search for the next UK Football Coach. First off, and this may upset a few UK Football fans, it appears that former Arkansas Coach Bobby Petrino is off the board.

Sources tell Yahoo! Sports that the candidate list includes Louisiana Tech coach Sonny Dykes and Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter, plus several college offensive coordinators. Among those believed to be interested in the job are Florida's Brent Pease and Texas Tech's Neal Brown, both of whom have ties to UK – Pease as a former assistant and Brown as a player. Link

At this time I would put my money on Dykes as he and his current Offensive Coordinator at Tech both coached at UK under Hal Mumme. So there is history there and UK would be able to score Dykes on the cheap. As we all know UK has no interest in spending the big bucks on a Head Football Coach.

We have to ask the question; does UK make those outlandish phone calls? You know, phone calls to coaches they know they wont land? I think Barnhart will indeed call one coach, and this coach may bite at the apple. That coach being Phillip Fulmer. But at the end of the day I think Fulmer may be more interested in coaching Arkansas next year.

The Possible List: This is a very preliminary list...

1. Sonny Dykes (Current LA Tech Coach, Former UK Assistant)
2. David Cutcliffe (Current Duke Coach)
3. Phil Fulmer (Former Tennessee Coach)

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