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Notre Dame upsets Kentucky 64-50

     I'm not going to discuss stats in this piece.  I'm going to talk common sense.

     In 2009-2010, we had Patterson.  In 2010-2011, we had Harrellson.  In 2011-2012, we had Miller.  In the 2012-2013 season...we have freshman.  This season for Coach Cal is showing us what we should already know......it doesn't matter how good your freshman are.  Without the presence of senior leadership, you don't win big at the DIV I college level. 
     It's not the loss tonight that troubles me as a UK fan.  The Fighting Irish have been dominating at home the last few years.  Its the areas we are refusing to show improvement.  Kentucky is ranked 174th in rebounding!  They continue to play weak defense. Their shot selection reminds me of an undisciplined high school team. Kyle Wiltjer continues to be a one dimensional player, and number one recruit Nerlens Noel got owned, again, under the glass as he continued to allow Notre Dame's interior big men to dominate the boards.   Kentucky has to get MUCH tougher on "D" and on the boards if we even hope to compete come March.  One thing is for sure, as it stands today...there won't be six Big Blue players going pro at the end of this season.

     One thing is painstakingly obvious for the 4-2 Wildcats...they are NOT a top ten team... yet.  Talent..yes.  Execution...not even close.  It may take more than one season for this group to mature.   And, God forbid, we have more than one player stay for another year.   Recruiting exceptional talent every year is great, but solid leadership on the floor makes all the difference in the world between an average team, and a great team. 

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