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Coach Cal, you are not Kentucky!

Here is a quote taken from the official Kentucky Men's Basketball website under the TRADITION category ......"There is no other program like the Kentucky program. Players coming in think they understand this, but they only do so in the abstract. After a few years in the midst of the madness, they have a different perspective".– Bob Ryan, Boston Globe

Here is a quote recently taken from Coach Cal's webite..."Big Blue Nation, it’s time we learn and come to grips with the fact that we are not a traditional program. We haven’t been one for the last three years, and going forward, this will continue to be a nontraditional program.".................WHAT!!!!!!!!!

Ladies and gentleman, let me go on record and say that that is the dumbest quote on record by a UK coach.  The winningest basketball program in college history with more conference titles than every other SEC team combined has been defined by Coach Cal as a nontraditional program.  Calipari actually said because Kentucky endures so much roster turnover from year to year (one and done), he must "protect the program" by not making the schedule "ridiculously hard."   I guess that means not making the RPI come tournament time "ridiculously high" either!

Coach Cal, we are not an extension of the NBA D league and don't want to be.  Winning a national championship is awesome and we love you for it, but not at the expense of eliminating everything that has made this program great.  Not only are we a traditional team coach, we are THE traditional team.  We have more tradition than any other program in the game.  I agree that we are a players first program coach, and your job is to coach players at the University of Kentucky to the best of your ability....not turn UK into a Harlem Globe Trotter debacle whose only purpose is to function as an NBA filter.   This program is much bigger than you, and will be here long after you retire.

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  1. Thank you! I couldn't be more discouraged by the "non-traditional" quote. I dont trust Coach Cal!!!!

  2. A lot of kentucky fans are discouraged Kevin. It seems to me Cal is tryng to use the leverage from this years national championship to achieve his own personal agenda. Kentucky basketball is an institution of college basketball history, tradition and pride. Kentucky fans take it personal, and he will find this out.

  3. Exactly! I feel he has a personal agenda too. Just because he will have alot of freshman every season, doesn't mean we shouldn't play true road games in classic arenas like Dean Dome in chapel hill or Assembly Hall in indiana. They will have to come to Rupp too, ya know!

  4. He says we wants to "protect" his young teams...he should have done this when the one-and-dones started..he didn't. He believes that the Memphis model will work at UK..Play weak teams to boost kids confidence...REALLY??? arent they the best players in the nation??? Playing the best teams winning or losing will promote confidence. How much more confidence do they need...Tradtions went to they wayside, when he was hired. Now its, "I was the coach that got Uk to 1000 wins first", who cares...most D1 teams will get there eventually. He doesnt believe in traditions, UK fans dont either, they just want to follow the next big thing....JORTS, to UNIBROWN, now High-Top Fade...this is the new KY Tradtion...not a UK/IU or UK/UNC...sad

  5. Every coaches job, first and foremost is to get the kid to the next level. Period!!! Baseball coaches ruin pitchers arms to win one game. Cal's job is to get them there and anyone that thinks otherwise is a fan and not an athlete. Or an not an athlete that had any true success. The greatest two nights in the history of our program were the draft nights. Winning is simply a by-product of everything. My guess is that Cal would take 4 kids going NBA and no final four over the zero kids and a national title. As long has he has job security, he would choose the first everytime.