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Calipari Editorial Cartoon Crosses the Line

Even though we do not agree with John Calipari's decision to alter the landscape of Kentucky's rich basketball traditions with regard to drastic scheduling changes the editorial cartoon posted in the Lexington Herald Leader simply crosses the line.

The cartoon, which we will not post here, mockingly illustrates Calipari's fictional trophy room. The cartoon illustrates Calipari's 2 vacated Final Fours, this year's National Championship and a deflated basketball with the words "Lose at IU, Take my ball and go home award, one and done". The artist, Joel Pett, also stupidly forgot to add our 2011 Final Four trophy in his hit-piece cartoon.

The reason this illustration is shameful is that it promotes the false accusations that Calipari is responsible for the vacated Final Fours. Of course NCAA completely cleared Calipari of any wrongdoing in both cases. It also suggests that Calipari is a coward and is afraid to play IU because of the one point loss in Bloomington last year.

We invite the alternative opinion, we want to hear from both sides of any given debate but don't chide our championship coach by promoting the same type of anti-Calipari propaganda that our most bloodthirsty enemies promote on a daily basis. I hope the BBN is angry and I hope they let the Herald Leader know just how angry they are.

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