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Why Anthony Bennett would fit perfectly at Kentucky

The recruitment of Anthony Bennett is reaching, or has reached, a fever pitch. Bennett, if Calipari finds a way to land him, it would fill out the roster of the 2013 Cats and instantly make us a Final Four contender. I am still getting used to this "don't recruit" but "reload" type of system. It makes it hard on us basketball junkies. We have to actually think long and hard about the analysis we provide with regard to any particular team. But I can tell you this without hesitation; Bennett is indeed the key for a successful run next year. successful being Final Four or a Championship.

We provided an in depth analysis of the 2012-13 Kentucky Wildcats in an earlier article (which you can read here). Within that analysis we made the conclusion that Anthony Bennett would make the biggest difference for next year's team. Not that he is the best player, not that he would score the most points but the fact that he would be the last piece for a dominate starting 5. Unless Kyle Wiltjer surprises us and returns as a chiseled greased lightening version of his former self, we will suffer on the defensive end without Bennett. I am not knocking Wiltjer's game but the style of defense Calipari likes to run is more suited for Bennett than Wiltjer.

The upside for Bennett coming to UK is undeniable. He would have an opportunity to start immediately; something Calipari doesn't like to promise but it is a given considering the situation. Bennett would have to work on his inside game a bit but his perimeter shooting prowess would come in handy. Bennett for the most part would be able to play "his" game. These are the same "perks, if you will" that a Florida would provide; an opportunity to play your game. The only reason I can see Bennett turning down UK is the fact that Bennett makes it no secret that he is a one-and-done prospect. So in his mind a Florida may allow him to shine, to be showcased versus the team game UK would require but Bennett still has to be thinking about Calipari's record with regard to preparing kids for the NBA Draft.

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