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UPDATE 2: Who Goes and Who Stays: UK Basketball and the 2012 NBA Draft

Well it is time for yet another update of the hypothetical 2012 NBA Draft using three particular mock draft boards as our guide stick. It is being reported today that Anthony Davis, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist and Terrence Jones are on the cusp of announcing their intentions to enter the 2012 NBA Draft, which should come at no surprise for anyone.

Anthony Davis: A true lock for the #1 draft pick, enough said.

Micheal Kidd-Gilchrist: A true lock for a top 3 pick, enough said.

Terrence Jones: Terrence Jones is looking like a solid top 20 draft pick, and may squeeze into a lottery pick with a little luck. I see no possibility for a Jones return.

Last Draft Position
Draft Express: 11th
My NBA Draft: 12th
NBA Draft.net: 20th
ESPN Mock Draft: 10th

Updated Draft Position
Draft Express (Updated 4-13) - No change, 11th pick
My NBA Draft: (Updated 4-16) - Down 2 positions, 14th pick
NBA Draft.net (Updated 4-13) - No change, 20th pick

Doron Lamb: Lamb is all over the place. In our last report it appeared that Lamb was beginning to solidify himself as a true 1st round pick but now it appears that the consensus is he will be an early 2nd round pick, a place where Lamb does not want to be. There had been some speculation that the Lamb may be targeted by the Boston Celtics as a replacement for some of their aging legendary shooting guards. However Lamb's height and lack of ball handling skills may hurt him in the end. But we cannot discount the "Calipari Effect" as a I am sure Calipari is on the phones for Lamb as we speak. Calipari may be good for a 3 to 4 position bump for Lamb and if this is the case Lamb may pull the trigger and jump into the draft.

Last Draft Position
Draft Express: 3rd Pick Second Round
My NBA Draft: 29th Pick First Round
NBA Draft. Net: 18th Pick

Updated Draft Position
Draft Express (Updated 4-13) - No change
My NBA Draft: (Updated 4-16) - 1st Pick Second Round
NBA Draft.net (Updated 4-13) - No Change

Conclusion on Lamb: I personally feel Lamb needs one more year to work on his ball handling skills and shooting release. He has NBA skills but his height, or lack thereof, really hurts his 1st round chances, this year at least. I don't know how much Lamb will be handling the ball next year seeing that we have Beckham and Harrow at the point but I suspect if Lamb returns he will be handling the ball more. With one more year Lamb may actually work himself into a solid top 20 pick in the 2013 draft.

Marquis Teague: Starting point guard Marquis Teague is another player that may return but my gut tells me otherwise. His draft positions on the mock boards have been solid but he would elevate his draft status tremendously if he returns.

Last Draft Position
Draft Express: 18th
My NBA Draft: 21st
NBA Draft. Net: 27th

Updated Draft Position
Draft Express (Updated 4-13) - No change
My NBA Draft: (Updated 4-16) - Down 4 positions, 25th pick
NBA Draft.net (Updated 4-13) - No Change

Conclusion on Teague: I personally think Teague will make the jump into the draft. His brother Jeff Teague is a star with the Hawks so he is plugged into the NBA system already, a very important factor. With his brother's wealth a low 1st round paycheck would not be a concern for Teague like it would a player not in his position. Teague would also have to battle Ryan Harrow for the starting job next year, which is no small feat considering Harrow is actually projected higher on the 2013 mock draft boards than Teague is this year, and that is without playing a single game in the 2011-12 season. So that tells you how much hype surrounds Harrow. There is no way around the fact that Teague's role may be diminished if he returns. But Teague is a starting point guard with a national championship ring and if he returns Calipari may turn him lose and allow him to score more and Teague could be that missing link that may catapult the Cats to another National Championship. I truly feel that if Teague returns he will be a lottery pick in the 2013 draft.

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  1. I know one thing for sure... I will be back next year as a fan.