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Report: Kentucky may be interested in Montrezl Harrell for 2012 Class

After the sudden and surprising firing of Seth Greenberg at Virginia Tech recruit Montrezl Harrell is reportedly going to ask to be released from his LOI, which is customary during unexpected coaching changes. Reports came quickly that Kentucky may be interested in the 6-7 power forward. The news came very quickly after the report of Greenberg's firing this morning and I find that a little surprising as it usually takes at least a few days for reports of recruits wanting out of their commitment to arise during these situations.

Harrell is the 18th ranked power forward in the 2012 class and 89th on the ESPNU Top 100. There is some speculation that Calipari may be targeting Harrell because he doesn't feel confident in signing Anthony Bennett. And we could also speculate that Amile Jefferson may in fact take his talents to the ACC or the Big East.

If the reports of Calipari wanting to sign at least two more players is true, as we believe it is, he may want to grab two forwards instead of a forward and a guard. However, as we reported this morning Xavier transfer guard Mark Lyons seems to be on Calipari's radar as well, this would lead me to believe Calipari is looking for a forward and a guard. So someone is the odd man out here and we may have two odd men out in Bennett and Jefferson.

Too my knowledge there is no confirmation with regard to Calipari's interest in Harrell at this time, and there usually isn't any confirmation until the recruit announces a visit to the campus or makes some statement to the press.

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