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Now John Calipari says Kentucky will sign only "one more" player

We reported yesterday that Calipari was quoted as saying that Kentucky would sign "two" more players during the late recruiting period. However, Calipari told Red's announcer Jim Day that Kentucky would only sign one more player.

And go figure; the topic of our very first installment of Kentucky Basketball Talk, on Blog Talk Radio, focused on Calipari saying that Kentucky would sign two players. We can speculate and say that Kentucky may have the 1st of the 2 players ready to go but the announcement has simply not been made. I cannot see Calipari settling for only one player as this would leave us with only 10 scholarship players.

Current 2012-12 Roster (Scholarship Players)
  1. Nerlens Noel (FR) - (Likely Starter)
  2. Twany Beckham (SR)
  3. Alex Poythress (FR) - (Likely Starter)
  4. Archie Goodwin (FR) - (Likely Starter)
  5. Will Cauley Stein (FR)
  6. Jon Hood (JR)
  7. Jarrod Polson (JR)
  8. Ryan Harrow (JR) - (Likely Starter)
  9. Kyle Wiltjer (SO) - (Likely Starter)
  10. ?
  11. ?
I think Calipari may have, or believes to have, a player already in his hip pocket and this "one more player" comment means what it means, one more player, the last of two....or not.

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