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The Kentucky - Indiana Series in Serious Jeopardy

Why? Why is the annual Kentucky - Indiana series in jeopardy? No one really knows but something has changed. On the surface, considering the close relationship between John Calipari and Indiana Head Coach Tom Crean, this should be the crème de la crème of rivalries. An annual border war like none other, especially considering IU's ascension as of late.

Kentucky's longest standing rivalry game is in serious jeopardy and we can only speculate that the rift may be the result of cold-and-mean reception that UK fans received in Bloomington this year. There were multiple reports of verbal and physical assaults, racist comments directed toward UK fans and not to mention the never ending verbal barrage from IU fans that projected the terrible stereotypes that Kentuckians are commonly subjected to. You know; the no teeth, no shoes crap. Calipari holds the BBN to be sacred and you can take it to the bank that he will not purposely put the BBN is harms way. Either way, things got completely out of hand in Bloomington. So in that regard one could expect retaliation from a few unhinged UK fans "if" the Hoosiers visit Rupp Arena in the 2012-13 season. This is something that both coaches should be aware of and they should do everything in their power to prevent it.

There has always been animosity between the Hoosiers and the Cats. We can go back to 1974 when a deranged Bob Knight slapped Joe B. Hall in the back of the head after a Hoosiers victory.

After Knight's head slap UK assistant coach Lynn Nance (A Retired FBI Agent) had this to say to Knight WARNING EXPLICIT LANGUAGE:
"Hey, try that shit with me, pal! Try that on me, you son of a bitch,'"

The Cats got their revenge in 1975 by upsetting a then undefeated IU team in the NCAA tourney, a loss that Knight still has not gotten over. The bad blood goes back decades but the annual war has always been, when IU has been relevant that is, a CBS extravaganza.
We also cannot forget Mike Davis' famous meltdown during a very heated UK-IU game.

We can only hope that Calipari and Crean figure out a way to preserve this rivalry but then again Calipari made it perfectly clear that at least one non-conference rivalry game was getting the ax in 2012-13. Many speculated that the UNC game was the obvious choice but it may be IU and that would be a bad mistake in my not-so-humble opinion.

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  1. IU fan here, so here is my two cents...I think that Cal doesn't want to play the home and home for several reasons, none of which relate to the incredibly exaggerated stories that surfaced from BBN following the Wat Shot (most of these have been proven to be complete BS).

    1) He wants to protect that undefeated home record he has going and with IU coming in this year, odds are in favor of it ending.

    2) He can't get the kind of crowd in Bloomington as he can with the rest of his road games. He says he wants BBN well represented at every game, but its not going to happen in Assembly Hall, and he doesn't want his team rattled like they were last year.

    This series is great and it would be a disservice to college basketball for it to end. Drop the UNC series.

  2. I agree with dropping UNC if one has to be dropped. Indiana and Kentucky are to important of a rivalry, as is the Louisville game. I believe it should be played on a nuetral court as Cal suggests, and I think it will. These guys are friends with incredible respect for the game. They won't let this rivalry die.

  3. UK Fan Here:
    You have completely wrong the people in Bloomington were terrible, nasty and downright mean. It felt very dangerous.

    You are correct that the stands will be filled with BLUE in Bloomington, thats a fact.