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Gene Wojciechowski; You're the One to Forget, We Had a Great 2011-12 NCAA Men's Basketball Season

Oh poor ole Wojci, and your equally pathetic suitors at ESPN. Why do we have to act like little children? The world may never know. For the last 2 days ESPN's College basketball front-page has cemented this article from Gene Wojciechowski (HERE) entitled "One to Forget". A miserable and self serving analysis of the 2011-12 NCAA Men's Basketball season. I have no doubt that Gene Wojciechowski still has the alternate article hidden deep inside of his USB hard drive (or geek-stick) and that article is entitled "A Season to Remember". Sadly that article had to be scrapped because Kansas failed to slay the evil UK giant in the championship game.

Yes we had pathetic and gut wrenching scandal at Syracuse. Yes we had "The Brawl" between rivals Cincinnati and Xavier. But besides that Gene Wojciechowski's analysis is pure crap. He cites poor ole Jim Calhoun's suspension due to violating NCAA rules (which amazingly was almost completely ignored by ESPN for months) and yes the PAC 12 sucked eggs. But we had stacked teams loaded with talent, and even though everyone and their grandmothers jumped on the UK bandwagon when Fab Melo was declared ineligible for the NCAA Tournament, it was really anyone's trophy for most of the year.

UK was dominate yes, but all Kentucky fans know without a doubt that they were not as good as ESPN advertised before the Elite Eight and Final Four. We know ESPN was running a reverse psychology operation hoping that their over-the-top praising of this young team would inject them with a terminal case of the jitters. It is so obvious it should be criminal.

We had barn-burner after barn-burner in the regular season. We had great teams in the top ten for most of the year. We had the ascension of Kansas when they were regulated to the scrap heap in the pre-season. We had talent on toast nationwide as a result of last year's NBA lockout. We will never see that concentration of talent in the NCAA ever again, I guarantee you that. We had epic upsets in the NCAA Tournament. We had a dream match up between Louisville and Kentucky in the Final Four. A true epic that will likely never be seen again. And last but certainly not least a pure blue blood final that ESPN themselves said the game needed just 48 hours before Gene Wojciechowski's miserable whine-bag rag of an article was published. How can this be one of the best tournaments in recent history on Saturday and be the most pathetic forgettable season on Tuesday? I tell you how; because UK won.

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  1. Perhaps our trusted basketball elite are left in a state of bewilderment after wathch the over-rated duke blue devils go home before the opening credits were done rolling. Must be hard on these guys....week after week...and game after game coming up with useless retoric trying to battle the unstoppable sports machine known to us mortals as the South Eatern Conference. I pitty these gentelmen. Come over to the dark side all yeh lukes. Its ok.