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Cats get Booed at Red's Game; Should we Boycott the Reds?

You knew it was going to happen, just like it would happen if the Ohio State Buckeyes won the NCAA tourney and were recognized at the Kentucky Derby. We are all (UK Fans) a very excitable bunch, quite rude and highly obnoxious but we can still be pissed that these uppity Ohio"ians" felt he need to boo a bunch of kids.

I will tell you this, even though I appreciate the gesture from the Reds organization, I will not, nor will anyone else on this site, ever report on the Reds, as we were certainly planning to do. They do not exist here nor will they ever exist here.

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  1. I have been an avid Reds fan since the 1970s. I have also been a season ticket holder for many years. I'm done with the Reds after Marty Brennaman's offensive comments about coach Calipari and Kentucky fans. I work in Cincinnati and find his behavior unacceptable. I plan to write a letter to Bob Castellini. Kentucky contributes a large percentage of revenues to the Reds organization. I will not be attending now.