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Caliapri Rebukes the NCAA April 10 Draft Deadline

It is no secret that Kentucky Coach John Calipari and the NCAA are not the best of pals. We also know that Calipari will take a shot at the NCAA every single chance he gets.

According to the NCAA, and a mountain of media outlets, college players have to April 10th (a date I was completely unaware of) to make a decision if they want to enter the draft or stay in school. The ACC coaches had the rule changed, the whiny ass titty babies bellowed and hissed and the NCAA responds as if they were gods. It is truly amazing.

But here is what Caliapri had to say on the matter;

“They’re not being pressured by me or anybody else,” Calipari said. “They will have till the 29th to make that decision on what they want to do. I’m not worried about the NCAA deadline. It means nothing to me or those players.” source LCJ

That is quite a statement but it does help us scamps in the game analyze and attempt to predict what may happen with a few of our players. If it was drop dead April 10th then a draft analysis is useless because there is no time to evaluate.

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