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Ohio Prosecutor may Press Charges against Xavier and Cincinnati Players after Brawl

Well, according to Xavier’s Tu Holloway, all those Xavier "and Cincinnati "gangstas" (actually spelled gangsters, you know what I mean) may get what gangstas get, that would be attention from the man, the Hamilton County, Ohio Prosecutor. Ooops, I am sure none of these thugs expected that. I am not so sure Cinci big man Yancy Gates expected that he may get "paper" for his outright cowardly sucker punch on Xavier’s Kenny Frease's face.

Prosecutor Joe Deters released this statement early Monday saying that his office “will review the matter to determine whether any criminal charges are appropriate. We will have no further comment until a decision is reached.” Well Deters opened his big mouth and I cannot see how in the world he couldn't deem it appropriate, he must file charges.

This does set a dangerous precedent in collegiate sports as fights happen and you don't want kids being charged, with potential felony offenses, over a pushing match or a minor scrape on the court, mound, or field. In this case charges seem appropriate as a high school, or elementary school for that matter, kids are charged, cuffed and stuffed if they fight at school or a school function. So why should grown men be an exception? They shouldn't.

We will see if charges are filed, I seriously doubt it, because the boosters are on the phone with the local politicians likes it's election time.

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