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Kentucky Basketball Recruiting Update

First of all I am ready to pull my hair out because it has been 4 or 5 weeks that ESPN Recruiting Nation Basketball has had the WRONG link for UK in the Top Classes section of the 2012 recruiting year. Trust me, these clowns know that when you click on Kentucky it takes you to the North Carolina State page and they are probably watching the web stats and laughing their ACC asses off every time someone clicks on that link. It's ridiculous but hey, it's ESPN.

Jarnell Stokes may be enrolling in, no not next May or June, but in January. Most who follow recruiting news know that Jarnell is eligible to enroll early. He gave the following quote to the:

Memphis Commercial Appeal

"I've set myself up to go to college midyear, I really don't know yet, but
that's definitely an option," said Stokes, who's considering the University of Memphis along with Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky and Tennessee.

This may not be good news for Kentucky fans as Stokes will likely, if he enrolls in college and doesn't jump to Europe, want to play where he can actually play. Kentucky's system will be all but established and we will be 8 deep with the addition of 6-5 guard Twany Beckham in January. Stoke's has good size at 6-8 but he will have to compete with Jones, Gilchrist and Wiltjer for playing time. So I cannot see Stokes joining the UK program in January. If I had
to guess I would bet that Stokes either goes to Arkansas or jumps on a plane to Europe for a year.

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