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John Calipari on Terrence Jones "It's good to know we can win without him"

In John Calipari's post-game press conference he made a mystifying comment on the non factor that was Terrence Jones in Kentucky's loss to Indiana. John Calipari said " I am proud of my team, I'm proud of how they played, how they gutted it out in the second half, how they played to win and you did it without Terrence Jones, he absolutely gave us a zero today." Calipari went on to say that sort of things happens from time to time.

Calipari's next comment on Jones was a bit more strange. "But it's good to know we can win without him (Jones)." That comment could be easily dismissed as a comment from a frustrated coach, and I am sure that's the case but something was wrong with Jones today, who had his worst game as a Wildcat. Could this be Calipari serving Terrence Jones an ultimatum? Could be.

I am not ready to say that something is afoot here but Calipari actually looked relieved and relaxed during this press conference and that is telling me that maybe this young team needed this loss and Calipari may have needed it as well, the pressure is off now.

Calipari's Post Game Presser -John Clay's Sidelines - LINK HERE

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