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An All SEC BCS National Championship

You got to love it, if you're an SEC fan. The SEC will enjoy 6 consecutive years as the BCS National Champion as SEC Champion LSU and one loss Alabama will meet for the national championship on January 9th.

Yes the BCS system is flawed, yes a team should be required to win their conference before they are afforded a chance at the crystal football but this is the system we have. SEC fans haven't complained since Auburn was snubbed in 2004 and I don't expect much complaining this year.

Everyone has an opinion but the system I would like to see in place would be a 4 game playoff 1 versus 4 and 2 versus 3 for the right to play in the national championship. However, the system is likely to stay in place for the foreseeable future until we have a cluster of 2 and 3 loss teams log-jamming the top 5, that is the nightmare scenario the BCS hopes never comes to pass.

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